We've got a big range of cosmetic jewelry such as necklaces, necklace and earring sets, bangles, bracelets, ankle chains, cell phone accessories, handbag hooks, broaches, earrings (clip-on and studs), rings, toe rings, belly rings, nose studs, tongue rings, eye rings, watches and a big variety of hair accessories.

Price List

  • Necklaces from R15
  • Necklace and earring sets from R25
  • Bangles from R15
  • Ankle chains from R7-50
  • Cell phone accessories from R7-50
  • Handbag hooks from R60
  • Broaches from R20
  • Earrings from R2.50
  • Rings from R15
  • Toe Rings from R9
  • Belly rings from R35
  • Tongue rings from R30
  • Nose studs from R10
  • Eye rings from R30
  • Hair accessories from R7.50

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