Price list Imported ranges Bra's - R29-R69 Bra sets - R89-R109 Local ranges (Playtex and Triumph etc) Bra's - R69-R189   The sizes that we stock range from 30-48 from A-E cups If you don't find anything you like

G-strings,Panties,Lingerie, Nighties, Corsets & Stockings

Swimwear made for South African market up to G cups available

We've got a big range of cosmetic jewelry such as necklaces, necklace and earring sets, bangles, bracelets, ankle chains, cell phone accessories, handbag hooks, broaches, earrings (clip-on and studs), rings, toe rings, belly rings, nose studs, tongue rings, eye rings, watches and a big variety of hair accessories.

Substitute perfume for Men and Women ranging from R45-R99.

Our cosmetic range consists of Nail Polish, Lipstick, Eye pencil, Eye Liners, Eye Shadow, Lip gloss, Cover sticks, Face Powder, Blush, Liquid Make-up, Mascara and Eye Make-Up Remover.

Here are a few pics of our cheaper triumph ones they are R79 bra and between R29-R39 for the bottom.

Here you will find our complete list of original perfumes for Men and Women they are original perfumes that are unboxed some is marked as testers but haven't been used and some doesn't have lids. If you don't see the perfume your looking

  You don't have to buy a franchise to do bulk buying with us. You can do bulk buying from us if you buy for a R1000 and up you get 5% extra lingerie if its R2000 and up you get 10% extra lingerie and if its R5000 and up you get 20% ex
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